Saturday, April 23, 2011

Seeing ghost in Bukit Cina

A few years ago, my friend M, was out with 3 of his friends. It was around 1 something in the morning and his friends wanted to do something daring.

So they decided to go to the cemetery at Bukit Cina. He decided to not go up the hill with them and decided to just wait for them down. M found a Malay coffee shop nearby and went in.

There was a group of people playing 'dam' board game, and no one bothered to look at him when he came in (typical Malaysian style is to look at anyone who step in a shop, rite?). There was also a guy cleaning the table and sort. An old lady passed some things to the people there. M was just waiting for someone to take his order but no one bothered.

A while later, the old lady came over to his table and asked what did he want. He said a hot coffee, since it was a cold night. After some time of silence in the cafe, the group who was playing the 'dam' game made some sound among each other. That made M a little relieved.

When his friends were done roaming around the cemetery, and not seeing any ghosts, they called him, saying that they're coming down. When he wanted to pay for the coffee, it was only 60 or 80 sen, he couldn't remember. He told me it was the best coffee he's ever tasted. Then he went off to meet up with his friends a few distance away and they left.

Recently, he met up with some friends and they talked about ghost stories. This incident popped up, as he was saying about those 3 guys going up to the cemetery and he just waited at the coffee shop nearby. One of his friends who stays at bukit cina, said there was never a malay coffee shop opened at night along the particular location he mentioned. They went back to the place because M was sure there was one. They could not find it even after making a few rounds.

Guess the shop never existed. It's a mystery how he sat and drank non existence things. And, ahem, to give out money into thin air.. ha ha.

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